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KAB Office chairs & seating

KAB Office Chairs are fully adjustable to maximise your comfort at work.

KAB seating's range of Office Chairs offers something for every environment. From 24 hour control room use to general office, call centre and work station applications, KAB Office Chairs offer ergonomic solutions to promote good posture and back care.

The KAB Seating Work Chair range has been developed as a result of supplying vehicle seats for the transport, construction and agricultural industries.
Particular attention has been paid to criteria laid down by the British National Back Pain Association when designing the Work Chairs.

Back pain is the second biggest cause of absenteeism in the workplace and in the UK alone 70 million working days are lost annually. If you sit with a fixed posture all-day you will inevitably end up with physical aches and pains. You have a responsibility to yourself to move.

Movement varies the stress and strains placed on the body. KAB Work Chairs offer the person the option of various adjustments so that you do not have to sit rigidly all the time.